Château de Caumale
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The Château de Caumale

Château du Gabardan, fief of Gaston Phébus and Jeanne d’Albret from the 15th to the 17th century, was inducted into the Supplementary Inventory of Historical Monuments in 2002. It has courageously withstood all wars, from the 100 Years’ War to the Wars of Religion.

The archives speak of a certain Grenier de Caumale, who paid tribute to Lord de Marsan in the 17th century, and follow the incredible lives of the Delisles.

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Wedding in Caumale

Wedding in Caumale

Rental of the 4 living rooms of the castle for the cocktail.
+ Large cellar for dinners from 25 to 500 people
+ Lodging and privatization of the site.

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Wine cellar accommodates up to 500 people.

La maison d'Aurore

Every August 14, theater in Caumale

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Association des amis du château de Caumale

Membership Bulletin 2017

28 août 2017 :
Congrès de la Fédération des Académies de Gascogne Informations et inscriptions

Prize of the Foundation of the Historical Residence
Price of 16000 Euros for the accessibility of a garden of dye plants

Price of French Heritage Society 2012

Price of "Fondation de la Demeure Historique"

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